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Eggspressos Are Espresso Shots Served in Chocolate Easter Eggs, Obviously

Do try this at home

Australia's enthusiasm for Easter-themed novelty sweets cannot be denied: First came the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry, and now coffee enthusiasts Down Under are going nuts for eggspressos — coffee served inside chocolate Easter eggs.

This chocolatey creation sure to rival the sugar content of any Starbucks Frappuccino was made famous on Instagram by Karvan Coffee, a cafe located in the city of Perth. Hollow chocolate eggs with the tops cut off are placed into espresso cups  — a seemingly necessary step, unless you want this scalding hot concoction to wind up in your lap — and then shots are brewed straight into the cups. As the beverage is sipped, the confection slowly melts into the beverage.

Just look at it:

This holiday treat appears to be available at numerous other shops across the globe, such as Coffee Collectif in Denmark and Excelso Coffee in New Zealand. Though there's just a few days till Easter, surely that's plenty of time for some enterprising stateside baristas to put it on their own menus. And hey, no need for this to be an Easter-only novelty — how about eggnog lattes served inside chocolate Santas?