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Scott Olson/Getty Images

Two Milwaukee women took the Burger King slogan "have it your way" a little too seriously last month. According to Fox 6, 41-year-old Latonia Howell entered a Milwaukee-area Burger King on Saturday, February 27. After attempting to use multiple coupons to pay for her order, she was informed by a Burger King employee that the company's policy only allowed for one coupon to be used per transaction. Howell reportedly became angry, and as she left the restaurant, she let the cashier know that she would be returning with her daughter to beat her up.

True to her word, Howell returned 15 to 20 minutes later with her daughter, 21-year-old Jasmeika Simon, in tow. After warning the employee, "Don't ever disrespect my mom," Simon allegedly proceeded to punch her in the face. Before leaving, Simon threatened to "go get her gun" and return.

Both women face felony charges of physical abuse of a child with intention to cause bodily harm. In an interview with police, Howell admitted to telling the employee that she would have her daughter "kick her ass" and stated she "felt the female cashier was being rude to her." Simon told police she believed the worker was rude to her mother and therefore wanted to intimidate her. Both women face up to six years in jail and $10,000 in fines if convicted.

When reached for comment by Eater, Burger King provided the following statement: "The franchise owner, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, assisted authorities to help bring resolution to this unfortunate incident. Thankfully, the employee has fully recovered."

There's something about fast food that makes some customers get a little violent. Last February, a woman rammed her car into a Pizza Hut after an employee lost her order, and in June, a trio of friends assaulted Taco Bell employees and customers after being unsatisfied with their food.