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Beer and Chip Trucks Collide, Creating Sad, Soggy Traffic Jam

No injuries were reported


Enough beer and chips to fuel an entire neighborhood's worth of football-watching parties was tragically wasted on a Florida highway today. A truck full of Busch beer crashed into a truck carrying Frito-Lay chips this morning on I-95 near the city of Melbourne, reports CBS Miami.

The driver of the Frito-Lay truck was pulled over on the shoulder of the highway; as the beer truck approached, the driver swerved to avoid another vehicle and plowed into the truck full of chips, causing it to overturn. Beer and chips flooded the roadway, creating a soggy mess and a traffic jam as it temporarily shut down the highway until state troopers could clear it. No injuries were reported, merely the injustice of two perfectly paired foodstuffs uniting in such a tragic way.

With millions of trucks transporting goods across American highways each year, it's inevitable that some strange collisions occur: Last year a chicken truck crashed into a truck carrying beehives, resulting in a roadway crammed with barbecued poultry. In Maine, a truck loaded with 15 tons of live lobsters overturned, but thankfully the crustaceans survived the incident.