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Millennial-targeted advertising is weird, there's no doubt about that. Whether it's revealing endless versions of the same mascot or developing clothing lines featuring phrases like "pizza is bae," today's marketing teams are thinking outside the traditional box. Which explains this new online advertisement for California-based fast food chain Jack in the Box. It's two-and-a-half minutes of some bro staring into the camera and going on and on in bro-speak.

It's hard to tell what this video is actually advertising. The word "croissant" is mentioned a couple of times, so maybe that? Mainly it's just this guy talking about lifting, getting swol, and drawing the eye of an unseen woman. The video's description on YouTube doesn't do much to shed light on the situation: "Bro, two words. Muscle. Head. Because he's got muscle. And a head. And he knows how to use one of those things to spot you won every bite of your two croissants. Because he's your bro, brah."

Why does this exist, Jack in the Box?