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New Technology Will Allow You to Test for Gluten With a Pocket Device

In two minutes, this device can tell you whether your meal contains gluten

The Nima sensor
The Nima sensor

A San Francisco-based company is perfecting its gluten-detecting technology, and it has come up with a new device to help individuals test their foods easily and on the go. 6SensorLabs, the company that previously pioneered a similar device in 2014, has a new method for scanning meals. The Nima Sensor is a portable device that can provide details on whether a food contains gluten within two minutes, according to Macworld.

The triangle-shaped portable lab uses a disposable capsule to test foods. A user deposits a piece of the food in question into the capsule before placing it in the device. Chemicals inside react with the food, creating a mixture that filters onto a test strip where sensors in the device can analyze the contents and provide a reading within two minutes, informing a user whether the food contains 20 parts per million of gluten, according to the Nima website.

Shireen Yates and Scott Sundvor, the founders of 6SensorLabs, are both gluten-free, and they are working to find ways to help people dine safely. "We believe meal time should be about the enjoyment of your food and your company, and not the worry about the potential repercussions of eating something unknown," the company's website reads.

Nima is currently available for pre-sale for f $199, and it's expected to ship in mid-2016. The starter kit contains one sensor, three disposable capsules, a carrying case, and a USB cable.

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