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Where the Obamas Ate on Their Historic Visit to Cuba

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The First Family apparently got restaurant recommendations from Beyonce and Jay Z

The Obamas touched down in Cuba on Sunday
The Obamas touched down in Cuba on Sunday
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

President Barack Obama and his family visited Cuba this week, marking the first time since 1928 that a sitting president has set foot in the Caribbean country. While there, the president, First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia had dinner at a family-owned restaurant called San Cristóbal Paladar — perhaps upon the recommendation of Beyoncé and Jay Z, who dined there on a visit in 2013.

For his meal, the president ordered a steak on the grill, or "solomillo a la plancha," served medium-well and alongside some vegetables, according to WSVNnoted vegetable enthusiast Michelle also ate steak, while Sasha and Malia dined on steak and pork. The restaurant reportedly has a photo of Queen Bey and her husband hanging on the wall next to a picture of Fidel Castro.

"Paladars" are homes turned into restaurants, and were just recently approved by the Cuban government; Univision speculated that the president's choice of restaurant was a display of sympathy for the emerging private sector on the island. The Obamas also attended a state dinner with President Raúl Castro, where dishes like creamy soup and baked pork with tamales and fried plantains were served.

The Obamas have generally displayed excellent taste in restaurants, hitting favorite local establishments such as Franklin Barbecue during a visit to Austin, Estela while in New York, and Area Four while in Boston.