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Watch: How to Perfect the Elegance of Crystal-Clear Ice

Learn how to make ice sticks and ice balls

Cloudy ice is so 2015. In this video, chemistry is used to create ice cubes and spheres that are perfectly clear. While clear ice can be made with the use of expensive equipment, the video's narrator teaches a step-by-step process to make it at home with a few simple and inexpensive, tools.

"I totally understand that some people really don't care about how the ice looks, they really just see it as something to cool the cocktail down," the narrator says. "But I hope this video has shown taking a little extra time to make it clear can really step up the presentation of the drink."

Using a method called "directional freezing" the ice freezes with all of the impurities in one end, which makes it easier to separate the cloudy ice from the clear ice. Watch and learn how to make large cubes, ice sticks, and ice balls. And as a bonus, the video gives you the perfect cocktails for deploying your fancy ice. Cheers.

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