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Life Imitates Art When You Send IRL Eggplant Emojis by Mail

Don't send one to your grandma


Ever wish you could send someone an eggplant emoji in real life? According to The Daily Dot, now you can. For a mere $9.99, will send an anonymous package to the person of your choice containing an actual eggplant. It can be sent as a thoughtful, albeit slightly creepy romantic gesture or perhaps as a cruel joke to a sworn enemy — just don't substitute it for a Valentine's Day or birthday gift for a significant other, lest you find yourself on the receiving end of a breakup text containing several middle-finger emojis.

Eggplant Mail

Because sending just an eggplant would be super weird, obviously, will also write a custom message on the eggplant to spruce things up a bit. Just don't send one to your grandmother with a note about how legendary her eggplant parm is, because everyone knows the eggplant emoji has nothing to do with food and everything to do with sexting. This new mail-order venture could be a hit in states like New York and Louisiana where the eggplant emoji is most popular.