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Popeyes Job Applicant Aces Interview by Thwarting a Robbery

That's one way to impress your future boss

Flickr/Mike Mozart

An eighteen-year-old job applicant in New Orleans had a very unusual job interview on Saturday. WPTZ reports that Devin Washington was in the midst of interviewing for a position at a Popeyes in east New Orleans on Saturday when he unexpectedly ended up a hero.

According to CBS News, a man named Pablo Ciscart entered the restaurant and snatched money from the cash register as a staff member was giving him change. Assistant manager Dominique Griffin attempted to grab Ciscart by the arm but he got away. Then a manager, Danyanna Metoyer, blocked the door. "We hadn't made hardly any money," Metoyer says. "He wasn't going to take the $300 to $400 we probably had made. We needed our money." Washington then grabbed the robber from behind and, with the help of the cook, held him there until police arrived. The manager says she had already decided to hire Washington before the robbery took place, but Washington's quick action sealed the deal.

This isn't the first time bystanders and staff has stepped in during a restaurant robbery: A gun-wielding Waffle House customer shot a thief during an attempted robber in October and last July a man put his engagement on hold to subdue a robber. A would-be criminal was also no match for sushi chef Tetsuji Miwa who used his ultra-sharp sushi knife to stop a robbery in his restaurant.

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