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An Eater's Guide to Mexico City

You're going to Mexico City whether you like it or not

Everyone we know wants to go to Mexico City. Every. Single. Person. Ourselves included. For New Yorkers daydreaming about a vibrant city with better weather, it's the new LA. For Angelenos, it's a more compelling alternative to TJ. For everyone else who's realized Tulum is over, it's the relevant, cool, electric, Mexican destination. And man, the food is fantastic.

Equidistant from New York and LA and a short flight from Austin and many major American hubs, Mexico City is easy to get to. With the rise of Uber, it's now simple and cheap to get around. It satisfies design freaks and art lovers with boutiques and museums aplenty. It boasts one of the best street food scenes in the world as well as ambitious high-end restaurants, hipster-approved neighborhood spots, and an eclectic nightlife.

In January, the New York Times declared it the number one destination for 2016, and magazines far and wide have been chronicling the city's food moment and its designation as the "world's next great dining destination" for the last half decade. Chances are, if you're a certain type of traveler or food obsessive, you've been to Mexico City in the past couple of years — and if you haven't, you probably already have a 2016 trip planned.

Mexico City torta
Best ever taco

Tortas and tacos are your new best friends

Get ready, because we're here to show you how to do DF right — at least, as far as the eating itinerary is concerned. To get straight to the guides, check out the Mexico City 38 or the micro guides to ten important colonias (neighborhoods) across the sprawling metropolis. Or peruse our glossaries to get the lowdown on dozens upon dozens of types of street food, all the agave-based spirits you'll encounter, plus explainers on sweets and pastries and masa-based starch bombs that you'll consume on your trip. Or read up on the important names and restaurants to know, some quick tips on how to order like a local at a cantina, a mezcal bar, and a juice stand, a photo essay of the monster La Merced market, an investigation into Mexico City's weirdest street food snack Dorilocos, and the reveal on the city's hands-down best restaurant.

It's no exaggeration to say that Mexico City offers its hungry visitors everything they might want. Our hope is that this guide helps them — and you — find it.

Table of Contents

Neighborhood Guides

Ready to go? Eater’s bringing this guide to life with a trip to Mexico City, brought to you by Black Tomato. See the itinerary and book a journey now.

Editors: Amanda Kludt, Daniela Galarza, Helen Rosner
Copy editor: Zora O'Neill
Art direction: Tyson Whiting
Special thanks to Casey Kolderup, Josh Laincz, Katie O'Dowd, Lauren Rabaino, Kelsey Scherer, Sonia Chopra, Mary Hough, Madeline Muzzi, Hillary Dixler, Patty Diez, Nils Bernstein, Natalia de la Rosa, Bill Esparza, Becky Hughes, Jake Lindeman, Scarlett Lindeman, Meghan McCarron, Tammie Teclamarian, Ruben Musca, Jason Thomas Fritz, Javier Cabral, Lesley Tellez, Ubish Yaren, Estee Kostant, and most of all Ansel Kludt.

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