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Instagram Account Improves Famous Movie Scenes by Adding Cheesy Bread Boats

An obscure Georgian pastry is what these films were missing

Positioning famous people with, into, or on top of various foodstuffs is a full-fledged internet trend that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon (see: Donald Trump dumplingsDrake on CakeCelebrities in Ramen, et al).

The latest installment in this digital museum of oddities: an Instagram account featuring the Georgian baked good khachapuri Photoshopped into famous movie scenes, paintings, and photographs. (For the uninitiated, khachapuri is a boat-shaped yeast bread stuffed with cheese; a raw egg is cracked on top toward the end of the cooking process, and then everything is mixed together into a glorious gooey mess.)

Denzel prepares to feast on khachapuri in American Gangster:

A photo posted by Cheese Boat® (@cheeseboatnyc) on

New Oscar winner Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill clobber each other for a taste of a cheese boat in Wolf of Wall Street:

A photo posted by Cheese Boat® (@cheeseboatnyc) on

Even Sir Paul McCartney can't resist khachapuri:

A photo posted by Cheese Boat® (@cheeseboatnyc) on

The @cheeseboatnyc account belongs to an "artisan Georgian bakery" coming soon to Brooklyn; for now, followers will have to be sated by these strangely enticing images. Khachapuri in the midst of a Jackson Pollock painting still doesn't qualify for the weirdest food-related thing we've seen on Instagram as of late, however: That title still arguably belongs to the girl who smashes her face into various types of breads.