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Cookbook Author Chrissy Teigen Is on a First Name Basis With the President

About that time she got baby naming advice from "Barack"

Last night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, beautiful person/swimsuit model/cookbook author Chrissy Teigen stopped by to talk about Cravings, her new book, and the cravings she has as a pregnant lady. In the segment she shows Colbert how to make a recipe out of her new book, one for spring rolls. While giving Colbert instructions on how to wrap the vegetables inside the rice paper roll she says, "Wrap it like a burrito, like you're at Chipotle." This gives Colbert pause. After a beat he says, while looking askance, "How much will this be like Chipotle?" They have a laugh about it and then taste the finished rolls dipped in a sauce Teigen says is "really the star of this recipe." Colbert notes, "That's so light I think I'm loosing weight." Then, they switch over to baby talk, and Colbert asks Teigen if she has a name picked out. "Actually... I asked Barack... if he liked one of our name choices, and he said he did," but Teigen suspects the President was just being nice. Colbert just can't get over how she's on a first name basis with the President of the free world. Watch to see what he thinks of Teigen's baby's name.

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