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Chipotle Sued Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

More issues for the struggling burrito chain

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A former Chipotle employee is suing the embattled chain, reports NBC San Diego, claiming wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and discrimination. Ariana Castaneda, who worked at a Los Angeles Chipotle for more than two years, alleges she and other female employees were sexually harassed by four managers at the restaurant.

In the initial court filing, Castaneda, who states she was fired on February 10, says she faced harassment and discrimination based on her gender and a medical condition that caused frequent urination. She alleges one of the managers would consistently order her work uniforms several sizes too small and then respond to her complaints by asking, "It doesn't fit because your boobs are too big, huh?" Castaneda says another manager would forcibly try to hug her and place his hands under her shirt on her back and stomach after touching a cold surface.

In addition to the alleged physical harassment, Castaneda says the managers in question often used derogatory and misogynistic language directed at female employees and customers. She is seeking unspecified damages to cover lost wages, benefits and medical pay. Attorney T. Joshua Ritz filed the case Wednesday before the Superior Court of the State of California.

In addition to its various public health issues, Chipotle recently has been in the news due to some unrelated lawsuits. On Wednesday, a judge in Pennsylvania ruled it couldn't fire an employee for posting negative opinions about the company on social media. And in February, Chipotle was ordered to pay $600,000 in damages resulting from a gender discrimination suit.

A Chipotle spokesperson did not immediately respond to an Eater request for comment. See the initial court filing for the lawsuit below.

Chipotle Lawsuit