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Pizza Delivery Robots Have Arrived and the World Will Never Be the Same

Thank Domino's for this one


The millennial dream of never leaving the couch again is now that much closer to reality: Domino's just unveiled a delivery robot that's capable of autonomously transporting pizza to customers' homes, reports the Verge.

The DRU (Domino's robotic unit) was developed by Domino's Australia using a base unit sourced from the military and tech from an Australian robotics startup. It utilizes GPS technology fueled by Google Maps, and has a heated compartment that can hold as many as ten pizzas; the bot "is capable of completing deliveries within a 20-mile radius on a single charge."  The company is touting it as a safer, more efficient method of delivery compared to using vehicles driven by humans.

The company has already considered the fact that a three-foot high pizza bot could be susceptible to theft: As Lifehacker Australia explains, customers will have to enter "a unique mobile phone code" to open the robot's locked storage compartment and retrieve their order, and it will also be equipped with cameras for security purposes.

As far as pizza chains go, Domino's has proven itself to be an early adopter of new technology: It launched an ordering app for smartwatches in early 2015, and shortly after that enabled customers to order pizza by simply tweeting emojis.

The pizza robot will initially launch in New Zealand; no date has been announced just yet, but if all goes well perhaps the tech will eventually land stateside.

Watch how the DRU came to be and see it in action, below: