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Once again, a restaurant customer has found it necessary to leave a nasty message in lieu of a tip. A patron at Zombie Burger in Des Moines wrote, "Tips are only for normal looking people" on her check, reports the Des Moines Register, confirming her place among a legion of dining jerks.

Stiffed tip


The stiffed server was Taelor May Beeck, whose greatest offense, per KSOM-FM, appears to be her pink hairdo. The check was for $17.26, and Beeck probably can take a bit of consolation in the fact that she likely wasn't going to get much of a tip anyway. Anyone with low enough moral fiber to leave such a message doesn't seem like the kind of person who would be willing to shell out 20 percent on their check.

The restaurant receipt really is the key battleground between servers and diners who want to insult each another. Last week, a Tennessee state representative left the word "sorry" instead of any gratuity at a Nashville Hooters. Earlier this month, an IHOP server in Austin left a "BLACK PPL" label on a couple's check. And last month, a restaurant staffer in Sherwood, Ark., insulted a woman's weight on her receipt.

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