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Tasting Trump Vodka; McDonald's Shamrock Shake, Explained

Six things to know today


If you're seeking a food-themed respite from election news today, sorry: Ted Cruz's favorite food is cheese. Furthermore, he hates avocados. In more bipartisan food news today: Find out what book is on Anthony Bourdain's nightstand right now; how to fulfill your fantasy of drinking a bucket of Slurpee; the newest iPhone ad features cookies; and the story behind McDonald's weirdly green Shamrock Shake. Also, some very important tasting notes on Donald Trump's vodka.

— Despite the Republican presidential candidate's insistence otherwise, Donald Trump's steak and vodka companies are officially defunct. The folks at Munchies managed to get their hands on some of the booze, though, and found it to be both "exceptionally harsh" and "awful." Much like Trump himself.

— Anthony Bourdain appears to be pretty enthralled by Padma Lakshmi's new memoir, even if the Top Chef host failed to make mention of him:

Searching @PadmaLakshmi most excellent memoir #LoveLossAndWhatWeAte for mentions. Nada. Otherwise enjoying!

A photo posted by anthonybourdain (@anthonybourdain) on

— Get ready for a brain freeze: Tomorrow and Saturday at all 7-Eleven stores,
customers can fill up any cup-like vessel of their choosing with sugary Slurpee for a mere $1.50. Sadly, kiddie pools and trash cans are explicitly banned.

— What's the deal with McDonald's Shamrock Shake? Vox digs into the history behind this unnaturally green seasonal menu item.

— The next season of Netflix smash hit Orange Is the New Black will feature a new character inspired by everyone's favorite felonious lifestyle queen: Martha Stewart. Season four premieres June 17.

— And finally, the latest celebrity to be featured in an Apple ad is none other than Cookie Monster:

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