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Watch: Brooklyn Knife Maker Creates One-of-a-Kind Tools

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Knife-making is all about transformation

In today’s episode of Shokunin, the new video series from Eater hosted by sushi chef David Bouhadana, viewers meet Chelsea Miller, a Brooklyn-based knife maker who learned blacksmithing and woodworking from her father.

Miller makes every part of her knives by hand, from the blades crafted from horse rasps from her family's farm in Vermont to the maple and walnut wooden handles that she carves herself. The process takes about three days from start to finish, and yields a one-of-a-kind tool durable enough to last generations. Home cooks and professionals alike are drawn to her wares (Eleven Madison Park commissioned a set of cheese knives from her in 2014), which she hopes help enrich the cooking experience: "I love handing one of my knives to a chef," Miller says, "because there's this moment, whenever they look at a knife, where it's like you're not there."

Watch the above video for a look into Miller's Williamsburg studio and to hear more about her process, which embodies the shokunin (or "dedicated artisan") spirit.

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