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Watch Chef Jacques La Merde Explain How She Creates Instagram-Worthy Junk Food

'Just a reminder to myself to not take things too seriously'

Christine Flynn — aka Chef Jacques La Merde — became an Instagram celebrity when she began taking everyday junk foods and plating them in a way one might find at a Michelin-starred restaurant. In this video from Now Food TV, Flynn shares the inspiration for her dishes and the process that goes into creating them.

In the video, Flynn prepares something she calls "Hot Dog Enchantment," which includes the obvious hot dogs, plus mayonnaise made from Kraft cheese powder, onion ring-flavored chips, and instant ramen flavoring. It sounds gross as anything other than a late-night drunken snack, but the final product looks beautiful.

Flynn says her work is meant to be a reminder to stay on the lighter side of life.

"I just think the irony of someone putting all this effort and care into making, you know, a three-star Michelin-type dish out of Doritos — I just thought it was funny," she says in the video. "For me it's fun, but I really wanted to offer up something that was just funny and lighthearted and just a reminder to myself to not take things too seriously."

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