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Taco Bell’s New 'Core Burrito' Is a Quesarito in Reverse

But you can get one only if you live in Toledo, Ohio


It looks like Taco Bell isn't quite finished revamping its menu. According to Brand Eating, the fast food chain is testing out a reverse quesarito, called a "core burrito," in Toledo, Ohio. Not to be confused with Ben & Jerry's new "core" flavors — which launched last week — Taco Bell's core burritos feature a center "core" of cheese surrounded by rice and a layer of seasoned meat, all wrapped in two soft tortillas. They are also not to be confused with the original quesarito, which featured a cheesy quesadilla wrapped around a meat core. Very different.

The new creation has been released in two flavors, so far. The first is called a spicy core burrito and includes hot sauce in the outer layer and chunks of jalapeños in the cheese stuffing. The crunchy core burrito is similar, but it substitutes red tortilla strips for the jalapeños. They currently are being tested in Toledo for $1.99. News of the core burritos comes a few days after Taco Bell released several new breakfast dishes to add to its dollar breakfast menu, which includes a mini skillet bowl and sausage flatbread quesadilla.

In recent years, Taco Bell has earned a reputation for creating mash-up menu items — like Cap'n Crunch Delights and croissant tacos — and spending big bucks to announce them to the public. The company also has included its taco shells in its creative process, giving the public everything from Fritos taco shells to a fried chicken taco shell. Perhaps the chain will begin testing some of its creative items in its debut location in Shanghai, China, which is set to open at the end of the year.