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DJ Khaled Faces Backlash for Supporting Sabra Hummus

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Fans are pissed about the Snapchat star's choice of snack foods

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

DJ Khaled first became famous for his music, but over the past several months he's gained a whole new following thanks to the Snapchat-based motivational speeches that have made him a meme sensation. He regularly preaches to his millions of followers about the importance of watering their lawns, teeth brushing, and applying cocoa butter daily — tenets that frankly, no one can argue with.

But many of Khaled's fans do have a serious problem with his choice of snack foods, as Fusion reports. The controversy began when Khaled, who is Palestinian-American, performed at a Super Bowl event in the Bay Area that was sponsored by Sabra hummus ("the official dip of Super Bowl 50" — yes, that's a real thing). Many have previously called for a boycott of the the popular dip because, as the New York Times reported last year, "it is made in a joint venture between PepsiCo and the Strauss Group, an Israeli food company that has provided financial support" to Israel's military.

Palestinian activists and other opponents of the Israeli occupation were quick to criticize late-night host Stephen Colbert when he jokingly endorsed Sabra last fall. Said criticism mostly took the form of tweets, but opponents of DJ Khaled's support for the hummus company have taken things a step further by releasing a diss track sampling one of the artist's best-known songs, "I'm On One". The video starts off with a clip of Khaled's 2014 Larry King interview in which he says he still has family in Palestine and is "bitter" about the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

"... DJ Khaled is supporting the oppression of his own people," activist Ahmad Hussam, who raps in the video wearing a "Free Palestine" hoodie, tells Fusion. The video has been viewed more than 10,000 times on YouTube, but Khaled himself has yet to comment on the issue.

Watch the Sabra diss video, below: