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Champagne Machine Guns Are Boozy Super Soakers for the Rich

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Available in chrome, gold, and rose gold

Champagne Gun

Spraying pricey Champagne all over people is a time-honored way of getting turned up, to the point where it feels decidedly cliché. Thank goodness a French company has invented a whole new method of dousing partygoers in expensive wine: a Champagne machine gun.

Invented as a way for nightclubs to sell more heavily marked-up bottles of Champagne, this alcoholic firearm — which shoots no bullets, only bubbles — is clearly a must for any spring breaker with money to blow. Available in chrome, gold, and oh-so-classy rose gold finishes, they're priced at $459 each. Champagne isn't included, and this weapon of affluence can only be loaded with a magnum bottle, the extra-large vessel that's the equivalent of two regular bottles; thankfully for budget partiers, a magnum of Korbel can be had at most grocery stores for a mere $20 or so. The truly well-off will probably want to load it with Ace of Spades, however, which is of course owned by Jay Z.

Behold the Champagne Gun in action replete with obnoxious EDM soundtrack, below: