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Watch an Artist Sculpt Harry Potter Characters Out of Oreo Creme

It's mesmerizing

Harry Potter fans of the world, hark: In a new video, a very skilled artist (and possibly a fan of Potter and his broom-flying crew) uses the inside of a vanilla Oreo as the canvas and colored bits of Oreo cream as paint to create a series of portraits of characters from J.K. Rowling's world famous books. First up is Potter himself with his signature round, black spectacles. Next, of course, is Hermione Granger, followed by Ron Weasley. Watch on to see other characters get turned into edible Oreo cookie art.

Though this stunt wasn't put on by Oreo — it was created by the video producers of Elite Daily — the cookie company has put out a number of its own specialty cookies in recent years. The world loves the chocolate and vanilla cream-filled sandwich cookie, and spends over $4 billion on Oreo and Oreo products every year. Oreo's most recent creation? Oreo Churros.

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