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Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Believing their Second Amendment rights are under siege, a couple of Utah restaurant owners are celebrating their right to bear arms by doing just that — at work. Tony and Monika Siebers operate Sea Bears Fish House in Ogden, reports KSL-TV, and they've recently begun openly carrying their weapons at the restaurant.

"We started looking at getting our concealed permit, and carrying and being armed because we were worried about losing our right," Monika Siebers told the TV station. "With the feedback we got from customers, we decided we're going to continue to do that."

The Siebers, along with their 22-year-old twin son employees, hold conceal-carry permits, and the whole family reportedly clocks in to work at the restaurant with guns displayed on their hips every day. Tony Siebers told KSL he feels "pretty safe" in Ogden, and he carries a gun "just in case." Ogden's violent crime rate was much higher than the United States average in 2013, according to City Data, so maybe the Siebers shouldn't feel so safe after all.

While they say their decision to open-carry is all about the Second Amendment, the Siebers surely hope packing heat at work will dissuade the robberies, assaults, and other crimes that take place inside restaurants across America all too often. Of course, they'll want to avoid the list of restaurant employees who have committed violent acts over frivolous work-related disputes.

See the full KSL report on Sea Bears Fish House's gun-toting owners below.

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