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Nutella Is a Pretty Great Fire Starter

That's one way to burn calories


As it turns out, everyone's favorite hazelnut spread can do more than just satisfy a sweet tooth. Next time you're camping and need help getting that fire going, just reach for your to-go stash of Nutella — and don't forget the potassium permanganate.

For today's edition of ,"Wow, that's weird," a YouTube user posted a video where he mixed a 1:4 ratio of potassium permanganate to Nutella, then proceeded to light it on fire to demonstrate the strength and duration of the burn, as Sploid first reported. The force of the flame is audible as smoke pours out of the mound of Nutella mash, which appears to turn into a smoldering pile of ash.

The video's creator recommends mixing up a batch of Nutella and potassium permanganate to take with on hikes or other adventures. For those less willing to ignite this precious spread (or trying to protect against someone else's fiery ideas), a Nutella lock may come in handy.

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