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Screenshot/The French Chef

Get ready to soak in dozens and dozens of lessons in French cookery: Twitch, a video platform popular among gamers, is launching a food streaming channel and will celebrate the occasion with a four-day marathon of all 201 episodes of Julia Child's The French Chefaccording to Entertainment Weekly.

The stream is part of "Twitch Creative," an arm of the site that launched five months ago with a Bob Ross painting marathon. The platform is open to creative contributions from viewers and users. Twitch worked with Janson Media and PBS to bring the content for the Julia Child stream in-house, which begins airing tonight at 5 p.m. EDT.

The French Chef is a classic, and though reruns have aired on PBS in the past, and YouTube is full of clips, this is the first time the whole series will be on screen in decades. Child's most popular show demonstrates how she became an American icon and the go-to source on French technique for many home cooks.

"Julia Child was the precursor to Twitch's social cooking movement, making The French Chef show a great reminder about how visionary she was," Bill Morrier, the head of Twitch Creative, said in a statement provided to the press.

The timing of the launch coincides with the 65th anniversary of Child's graduation from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris, France.