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Fake Anti-Trump Signs Posted at Mexican Restaurants Raise Eyebrows

But the signs were unauthorized, and the restaurants don't know who posted them

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Elections have a tendency to bring out the worst in people, especially when a candidate as divisive as Donald Trump is in the running. Two Mexican restaurants in San Antonio have put up signs saying they don't serve Trump supporters, which is a bold move for any restaurant that depends on the general public to make money — but as KSAT reports, the restaurants say they don't know who's responsible for the signs.

The signs appeared over the weekend at independently owned Mama Margie's and a location of the chain Taco Cabana. The sign posted in the front window of the latter restaurant included the company's logo and read in part, "We stand with our fellow Mexican restaurants in their efforts against hateful speech. You can’t have your taco and eat it too."

Both restaurants quickly spoke out against the signs: "We don’t post political signs, but we do make great tacos. Taco Cabana is not responsible for the placement of this unauthorized sign on our property," the chain said in a statement. Meanwhile, a partner in Mama Margie's told KSAT, "We’re very disgusted. We just want the public to know that this will not be tolerated ... It’s not part of what we’re about." However, that didn't prevent a discussion full of outraged Trump supporters vowing to boycott both restaurants from popping up on Reddit, as the Houston Press pointed out.

Other restaurants are less concerned about making polarizing political statements: The conservative owner of a New York diner put a "Dictator Obama" breakfast special on his menu, while a restaurateur in Louisville, Kentucky banned Trump from dining at his steakhouse. That's okay though, the Donald has his own line of steaks sold at the Sharper Image, of all places! Oh wait, no he doesn't.

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