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Paris Restaurant Le Petit Cambodge Reopens Four Months After Terror Attacks

The dining room was full last night

Le Petit Cambodge/Facebook

Four months after the Paris terror attacks that killed 130, the return to normalcy marches on: Le Petit Cambodge, a Cambodian restaurant in the 10th Arrondissement where 11 people were shot dead, reopened for business on Monday night with a full dining room, according to France 24.

The restaurant, which had its floor-to-ceiling windows shattered by gunfire, has been refurbished to look "almost indistinguishable from before," notes the New York Times. All 17 of the restaurant's staff members have also returned to work; the dining room's back wall is now home to a small mosaic honoring those who were killed in the November 13 attacks.

A statement posted to Le Petit Cambodge's Facebook page back in December read, "Le Petit Cambodge will reopen, because for every one of us life must go on, but also by respect for the customers who that night were at the restaurant. [Not to] reopen it would give in and concede a victory which will never be gained." It joins several other restaurants targeted in the attacks that have already reopened, including Le Carillon and Cafe Bonne Biere.

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