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Watch: How Science Can Perfect Your Next Pie

Happy Pi Day

It's March 14, which means math geeks everywhere are celebrating Pi Day. For everyone else, it's a fine day to celebrate pie, the wonderful treat that marries tender, flaky crust with sweet or savory fillings. Want to bake your own to mark the occasion? This video from Sci Show will give you a few scientific pointers to take your pie game to the next level.

Host Hank Green breaks down three easy ways to help ensure pie perfection: use vodka in the crust, make sure the filling has plenty of pectin, and don't forget about the Maillard reaction. Vodka in the crust will prevent the formation of too much gluten, which would toughen the crust. Pectin, which comes from certain fruits such as apples or citrus, will keep the filling from being too runny. And achieving the Maillard reaction by applying an egg wash to the crust will add extra color and flavor.

So, happy Pi Pie Day. Now watch the above video and get to baking.

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