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The Food and Drug Administration is conducting an investigation to answer the question, "Who peed in your Rice Krispies?" On Friday, cereal giant Kellogg's became aware of a video depicting an employee urinating on a batch product on the assembly line at one of the company's factories, reports the Associated Press. It immediately alerted authorities, and the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigation is now looking into the matter.

A Kellogg's spokesperson told the AP the company has determined the video was shot at a Memphis factory in 2014. In an attempt to calm grossed-out consumers, the spokesperson said, "It is important to note that any products that could be potentially impacted would be very limited and past their expiration dates." But if that's the case, there's a good chance the tainted product has already been eaten. At least urine is sterile, right? Right?

The video first appeared on World Star Hip Hop, and Kellogg's says it is "outraged by this completely unacceptable situation." Perhaps the affected items, which may include "Rice Krispies Treats, granola clusters used in some products, and puffed rice treats," were used to create an artistic interpretation of model/famous person/cookbook author Chrissy Teigen. While that would be insulting to Teigen, at least it would mean some poor souls were spared from eating urine-flavored cereal.

Eater has reached out to Kellogg's for more information.

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