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Watch: How a Spanish Chef Is Reimagining the Seafood Restaurant

Chef Angel Leon looks at the ocean with fresh eyes

Chef Angel Leon runs a restaurant in the south of Spain, where he plates only products of the sea. But Aponiente isn't just any old seafood restaurant — it has two Michelin stars, and Leon has a team of nearly 50 people who take care of building the intricate menu. This video from National Geographic takes a look at Leon's relationship with the fruits of the sea, his drive to put a creative spin on sustainable seafood, and the work that goes into doing so at Aponiente.

The restaurant has a chemistry lab-like setup and is dedicated to discovering new kinds of marine life to put on the menu, like edible marine plankton along with cuttlefish, sea anemone, and sea cucumber.

"It's a continuous process of opening minds, forgetting the traditional without losing the flavors, always going forward, trying to develop new concepts, and helping people understand the sea," Leon says in the video.