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Obama Disses Trump Wine; Anthony Bourdain Talks Food Writing and Twitter

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Five things you missed this weekend

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Trump Winery

Happy Pi Day, America. Go eat some fruit, custard, or cream piled high on a flaky or crumbly crust and remember that life is grand.

Homer Pie

Here are five things you missed this weekend, including Anthony Bourdain on food writing, President Obama on Trump wine, beer brewed from waste water, the Chinese custom of drinking hot water sans flavoring, and how McDonald's plans to win the Olympics.

— Anthony Bourdain was at SXSW this weekend talking about his new market in NYC, but he didn't reveal any major new details. He did have this to say about food and travel writing, however:

"Everybody else has lists, people love lists, but deep storytelling ... I think we travel differently now, and what we look for in reading before we travel is wildly different [than in past years]. I don't want a list of the best hotels or restaurants. I want to be set in a place where you get a real sense of what kind of place is what."

Bourdain also revealed that he loves Twitter ("It's like haiku.") So, from his Twitter account, this recent gem:

— Over the weekend, President Barack Obama said the single best thing anyone has ever said about Donald Trump's wine while at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Dallas:

"Has anybody bought that wine? I want to know what that wine tastes like... I mean, come on. You know that's like some $5 wine. They slap a label on it. They charge you $50 and say it's the greatest wine ever."

— A California brewer takes drought concerns into his own hands: According to the Guardian, beer fan and environmentalist Russ Drinker (that's his real name) partnered with Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in the Bay area to brew beer from recycled greywater (water that's been treated after use in sinks, showers and washing clothes). The water is filtered through the same process NASA uses up in space. Unfortunately only a few people have tasted the beer, as it's not currently commercially viable to bring the product to market. But that could change if enough beer drinkers demand cases of Mavericks Tunnel Vision IPA made from recycled water.

— Heading to Rio for the Olympics? McDonald's plans to bring its all-day breakfast offerings to Brazil. Perhaps Egg McMuffins will fuel some gold medal winners.

— The LA Times noted that during China's annual legislative sessions, assistants spend a lot of their time bringing delegates cups of hot water — no tea, lemon, or honey added. Reporter Nicole Liu examines what's behind that custom, and relays her own personal experiences in ordering plain hot water at restaurants in the U.S.

— Finally, bonus pie:

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