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This Is What Butchering a Pig Looks Like

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Ribs, belly, and seven other essential cuts of pork

How does a butcher transform a whole animal into the types of cuts a home cook can handle? The answer is very carefully. At Marlow & Daughters, a whole-animal butcher shop and grocery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, butchers cleanly separate the animals that come into the shop into essential, usable parts, while creating minimal waste.

Opened in 2008 by Andrew Tarlow (purveyor of Brooklyn eateries like Roman’s, Diner, and Achilles Heel), Marlow & Daughters supplies meat to to Tarlow’s restaurants, as well as offering cuts for sale to the general public. This approach to centralized sourcing means more control over the meat programs across the Tarlow restaurants, and means home cooks can access the same cuts of meat for use in their own kitchens thankfully, with the hardest part already completed.

Watch as a Marlow & Daughters butcher breaks down a whole pig into nine essential cuts of pork, from belly to shoulder.

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