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Applebee's Accidentally Serves Kids Alcoholic Root Beer

This was probably an accident waiting to happen

Stephanie Nelson Photography

Alcoholic root beer is all the rage right now, or so big beverage companies like Anheuser-Busch and Pabst would have you believe. With an alcohol content hovering around 5.5 to 6 percent, it's basically like A&W or Barq's with the added effect of getting you drunk, as some unlucky children in Tennessee just discovered.

According to WJHL, an employee at an Applebee's in Johnson City accidentally served three kids a boozy root beer called "Not Your Father's Root Beer." The father, Scottie Barnett, says two of them — ages 9 and 11 — drank some before he noticed what they had actually been served. He brought it to the server's attention, but they "insisted the drinks were root beer," at which point Barnes called the police and Applebee's corporate office to report what had happened.

The nine-year-old was later taken to the hospital with stomach pain, but was soon released. A spokesperson for Applebee's told WJHL, "Sincere apologies were made, the family accepted dinner as our guests and immediate re-training of all team members on duty took place." The offending employee has been suspended pending an investigation.

It was probably inevitable that spiked root beer would create confusion for some, but this certainly doesn't mark the first time kids have accidentally been served booze at a restaurant: Last fall in Detroit a four-year-old was served a regular strawberry daiquiri instead of a virgin one, and a Joe's Crab Shack employee in Colorado was fired for serving a table of six kids cocktails.

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