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There's No Wrong Way to Peel Garlic

Soaking, peeling, smashing — anything goes

One of the banes of every home cook's existence is peeling garlic. A nearly ubiquitous savory ingredient, garlic (like its close allium relatives onions and shallots) often requires the removal of its many thin, tricky outer layers before it can be used. There are a myriad of methods for peeling garlic, but getting through this process without sticky, garlic-scented fingers that persist even after numerous washes can prove to be a difficult task.

Today, our friends at ChefSteps the Seattle-based food and technology company — offer three techniques for peeling garlic for any home cook to try. They range from messy (smashing the whole bulb, and then each individual clove, with the flat side of a knife) to self-contained (violent shaking in a mason jar), but all are worth a try.

Click here to read more about the ChefSteps chefs' favorite methods.

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