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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As the race to the White House gets more tumultuous by the day, a restaurant owner in in Upstate New York is using his menu to take a stance: The American Diner in the town of Liverpool is now serving a "Dictator Obama" breakfast special, reports

The plate of eggs and toast is priced at $3.59, plus $27.99 in tax. Owner Michael Tassone's menu certainly isn't short on political statements, with other eloquently-named menu items such as "The Anti-Michelle Obama Don't Tell Me What To Eat Or Feed My Kids Burger." Messages printed on the menu also encourage patrons to open-carry firearms, and to pray or say grace before their meals.

American Diner Menu

American Diner

Tassone says he's voting for Donald Trump, so perhaps it's just a matter of time until he gives the bizarrely coiffed Republican candidate a place of honor on the menu. Several restaurants have already done so, like an Iowa cafe that claims its Trump burger is "making the hamburger great again."

Interestingly, found that Tassone was arrested in 2011 for welfare fraud; the state is currently waiting for him to pay back more than $25,000 in Medicaid benefits that he and his wife "weren't eligible to receive because of income they had that they failed to disclose." It seems Tassone's not quite ready to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to his political views.