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Dunkin' Donuts to Invade Mexico; Frozen Pizzas Recalled for Possible Glass Shards

Five things to know today

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Congratulations, it's finally Friday. Here's all the vital food news you need to make it through the weekend: More products have been recalled for possibly containing glass shards; ugly produce is #trending right now; Chick-fil-A is working on its dipping sauce game; Wisconsin cheese snagged a coveted award; and Dunkin' Donuts is headed to Mexico.

— Nugget lovers, take heed: Chick-fil-A is about to switch up its dipping sauces. The Southern chicken chain is introducing a Sriracha sauce (which is certainly on-trend), and will also switch up three of its existing sauces with new recipes: Barbecue will be replaced with "smokehouse barbecue," the buttermilk ranch will become "garlic herb ranch", and buffalo sauce is being swapped out for new "zesty buffalo." Obviously this is all very important information for anyone following the Chick-fil-A nugget diet.

— Prepare for your heart to swell with cheesy patriotism: A Wisconsin cheese just nabbed "best in show" at the World Championship Cheese contest. It's the first time an American cheesemaker has won the coveted prize since 1988, and Swiss cheesemakers have won four out of the last five years. The winning specimen was a "smear-ripened hard cheese" from Emmi Roth USA.

— Ugly fruit: so hot right now. Pricey grocery chain Whole Foods just announced it will begin selling ugly fruit and vegetables, or produce that often gets rejected for being visually imperfect — and now UK supermarket giant Tesco is following suit. Its "Perfectly Imperfect" range of "wonky veg" will launch with potatoes and parsnips and eventually include other items such as apples and carrots. The company has also pledged to begin donating all its unsold fresh produce to charity as a way to cut down on food waste.

— Is nothing safe? First bottles of Corona are pulled from store shelves for possibly containing shards of glass, and now Nestle is recalling frozen DiGiorno pizzas, Lean Cuisines, and Stouffers meals because they also might contain pieces of glass. Spinach is apparently the culprit, although how glass gets into spinach is really anyone's guess at this point.

— Dunkin' Donuts is on a mission to caffeinate Mexico — again: The company announced yesterday that it's partnered with a company called Alimentacion Mexico Americana to open 20 new franchises in the states of Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Tabasco, and Chiapas. Over the next few years, Dunkin' plans to open around 150 stores Mexico in conjunction with various companies, including more than 100 restaurants in the Distrito Federal. Dunkin' previously had a presence in Mexico with around 100 stores, but they all shuttered by 2009.

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