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Have You Ever Noticed Chihuahuas Look Exactly Like Blueberry Muffins

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Strange but true

Puppies and carbs are two of life's greatest treasures, so combining the two is, naturally, a one-way ticket to viral fame. A clever Twitter user by the name of @teenybiscuit is currently delighting the internet with images showing the uncanny similarities between various dog breeds and random objects, many of them edible.

For example: Have you ever noticed how much a chihuahua's cute little face looks like a blueberry muffin? (The resemblance here is pretty eerie, actually.)

Her side-by-side comparison of curled-up, sleeping puppies to bagels might actually require viewers to bust out their bifocals to determine which ones are edible. Awwwww:

Okay, some of these furry labradoodles really do look like fried chicken. Is it bad if your stomach growls when you look at photos of dogs?

The creator of these delightful images, whose real name is Karen Zack, isn't going to any great lengths to create them: It appears she's just saving photos to her iPhone's camera roll and then taking screenshots of the albums. But Zack's vision is undeniably creative — and this is 2016, a strange era in which smashing your face into bread products can propel you to online stardom.

Her animals-that-look-like-food creations have even inspired others to create their own versions, like this amazing mashup of dalmatians and ice cream: