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How to Make a Massive, Monstrous Muffuletta, the Mother of All Sandwiches

The condiments are (almost) as important as the meat

Ends Meat is a whole-animal salumeria located in Brooklyn’s Industry City, specializing in Italian-style dry-cured meats. Founder and head butcher John Ratliff oversees the production of everything from pancetta to ‘nduja, with a particular focus on animal sourcing and limiting waste. But come lunch time, the shop turns from butchery to sandwich-making, as employees from many of the other companies in Industry City line up for one of Ends Meat’s in-house creations.

One of the most popular menu items during lunch service is the Ends Meat muffuletta — slightly different than the traditional New Orleans version, but assembled on the same Sicilian sesame bread. Each of the sandwich's components is house-made, from the parley oil and seasonal pickle mix to the traditional sopressata and poached pork pate. Watch the video above for an inside look at Ends Meat's muffuletta construction, before the lunch rush hits.

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