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Watch Padma Lakshmi Talk About 'Top Chef' and Feminism on The Daily Show

More about her new book

Top Chef host, author, and former model Padma Lakshmi is making the rounds to talk about her new memoir, Love, Loss, and What We Ate, and last night she hit The Daily Show to chat with host Trevor Noah. In the book, which Noah comments has "a very strong feminist point of view," Lakshmi discusses living a charmed life as a model in her twenties and all the body-shaming that went with it: "I know for a fact that [modeling was] no accomplishment of my own, that is the alchemy of the genetics my parents gave to me," she admits, saying, "I knew that I wanted to do something more meaningful ... I did suffer a lot of guilt or mixed feelings about how I had made my living."

She goes on to say that she eats "a sh*tload of food" while filming Top Chef and can gain up to 17 pounds throughout the course of filming season. "I can tell you people talk a lot more about my appearance than Tom Colicchio's appearance because he's a man," Padma confirms. "Nobody asks him how he keeps his figure." The season finale of Top Chef airs next Thursday (which means now would be an excellent time to catch up via comedian Alison Leiby's weekly recaps).

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