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Watch: Making Peanut Butter and Caramel From Foraged Ingredients

No processed foods here

When we last checked in with Andy George and the How to Make Everything team, chocolate was on the agenda. Now, George is making peanut butter and caramel with ingredients he grew or foraged himself. This video shows how it's done.

For the peanut butter, which would normally included some added oil, George relies solely on the oil inside the legumes to smooth it out. And there's no refined sugar thrown in, only a touch of sea salt to highlight the flavor. The caramel is a little more complex, containing sugar cane syrup, honey, butter, and heavy cream. Peter Maccaroni, a chocolatier at B.T. McLareth in Minneapolis, guides George along the way.

With the resulting products, George will eventually use his newfound chocolate-making skills to replicate a classic mass-produced candy bar. Stay tuned to find out if its better than the previous sweet treats George has made: a root beer float and caramel apples.

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