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Holler & Dash.
Holler & Dash.

Cracker Barrel Country Store is getting into the fast-casual business with the launch of its new brand, Holler & Dash. The first location for the new concept will set up shop in Homewood, Ala., and it's scheduled to begin service Tuesday, March 15. An answer to higher-end quick-service chains such as Panera Bread and Chipotle, Holler & Dash will serve a simple menu of biscuit sandwiches, along with breakfast-y bowls and sides.

Considering Cracker Barrel is a chain that has long represented the antithesis of youth culture, with its front-porch rocking chairs and old-timey feel, this restaurant is going in a totally new direction. Instead of opening off an interstate exit, Holler & Dash is moving into Homewood's pedestrian-friendly downtown. The space's interior is obviously directed at the coveted millennial demographic with a number of hot design elements found in many of today's trendy eateries. There's plenty of exposed brick, industrial lighting, and detail on the ceiling.

Holler & Dash

Exposed ducts contribute to the industrial loft feel. Points for the nice design touch below the counter, which is reminiscent of an old wooden barrel.

Holler & Dash

Subway tile, incandescent light bulbs, and mason jars all in one shot. It's the stereotypical hip restaurant in one image.

Holler & Dash

[Images via Holler & Dash]

Holler & Dash further attempts to boost its credentials for the chain-averse with an actual executive chef in the form of Brandon Frohne. [Update: Reps for the restaurant say his title is actually "director of culinary."] Frohne isn't a corporate chef; he previously ran the kitchen at a popular Nashville restaurant, Mason's. He touts sourcing from such Southern favorites as Anson Mills and Harper's Country Hams, and with three chicken biscuits on the menu, including a Nashville-style hot variety, it's clear the restaurant wants to be part of the fast-casual fried chicken revolution.

Holler & Dash menu

Holler & Dash menu 2

Cracker Barrel CEO Sandy Cochran recently told Business Insider Holler & Dash is targeting urban customers, and the first outpost hopes to serve the Birmingham metro area's 1.1 million people. Further expansion plans have not yet been announced, but it's a safe bet this won't be the only location if the restaurant finds success.

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