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Gordon Ramsay and his new avatar.
Gordon Ramsay and his new avatar.

Following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, one of this country's greatest living memes, shouty British chef Gordon Ramsay is nearing the launch of his own mobile video game. Ramsay revealed plans for the game in January, and now, per Venture Beat, some details have emerged.

Ramsay will enter the $30 billion mobile game market with the same fiery personality that has produced his love/hate relationship with fans of his shows and made him one of the most popular food personalities on Twitter. The British chef met with 36 game developers at Glu Mobile headquarters where he cursed and shouted his way through the meeting, jokingly ending the meeting with, "All of you, fuck off, and back to work!" That same type of language will be featured in the game, capitalizing on Ramsay's well-known insults and use of four-letter words.

The as-of-yet-unnamed game is slated to be released this summer. Ramsay has been working on what Fortune described as a "Diner Dash-Kim Kardashian Hybrid" for more than two years. Players will start the game as a poor chef, but with opportunities to advanced their virtual careers. With the help of Ramsay's mentorship, they will be allowed to upgrade their restaurants and earn "Wishelin" stars as they gain more success.

Take a look at the video below for more details and a fist look at the game's characters.

Video: Watch Ramsay talk shop at Glu Mobile