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Watch the Daily Show Rip Apart Donald Trump's Bogus Winery and Steak Claims

It's not true, none of it, not even a little bit

Last night on the Daily Show host Trevor Noah and his senior political correspondents picked apart the claims presidential candidate/orange-tinted human Donald Trump made during his acceptance speech after winning two states in the most recent presidential primary. For those who have already tried to forget, during the press conference, Trump laid out a table full of his eponymous steaks, wine, and water in an attempt to defend his business record after Republican leader Mitt Romney criticized it in a speech earlier this month.

During his speech Trump urged the press to check out his claims, to validate them — so Noah and his team did just that. After Trump said he owned his winery outright, he told the press to "check it out, I'm serious..." So Noah's team checked "and right there on the website of the thing he boasted he owned 100 percent of, it says that Trump winery is 'not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump.'"

Watch on to find out the truth about Trump steaks, Trump water, and more.

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