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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Depending on your political perspective, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may or may not be doing a bang-up job on the campaign trail. One thing he's definitely doing well in his quest for the White House, however, is getting himself banned from places.

The latest establishment to declare a strict "No Donald" rule is a Louisville, Kentucky restaurant called Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, reports the Courier-Journal. Trump will be in town tonight for Super Tuesday festivities, and the owner of the eponymous steakhouse took to Twitter to make it clear that the thoroughly bronzed politician is not welcome.

That's probably just fine by Trump, who has previously stated he really enjoys eating at McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants because of how clean they are; the presidential hopeful apparently also prefers his steaks well-done.

Ruby previously refused to serve former football star and accused murderer O.J. Simpson back in 2007. Ruby expanded on his reasons for barring Trump from his restaurant to Louisville Business First, saying, "He denigrates women. He disgraces POWs. He disparages the disabled. He badmouths anyone who disagrees with him. He claims to have never heard of (former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard) David Duke and he praises Vladimir Putin."

Nevertheless, Trump and his antics are welcome at plenty of other restaurants and he's even had a few foodstuffs named after him: Historic Iowa restaurant Northside Cafe, a popular stop on the presidential campaign trail, recently gave the blustery billionaire a place of honor on its menu in the form of the Trump Burger.