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Watch: Ice Cream College Really Exists

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The campus creamery is at the forefront of ice cream study

A professor at Penn State specializes in what is possibly the coolest area of food studies — ice cream. Dr. Bob Roberts, the head of food science at the university, teaches two courses on ice cream: one called the Ice Cream Short Course and one called Ice Cream 101. Questioning why you decided to go to a school without an ice cream curriculum? So are we.

"Part of the reason ice cream is so good in the U.S. is that we've been teaching ice cream for 125 years," Roberts said.

Companies like Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, and Unilever have sent employees to learn about ice cream at Penn State, where they focus on how to make the frozen treat even better at every step of the process. The school even has its own herd of ice cream milk-producing cows — on campus, no less — to help out with the "cow to cone" research.

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