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John Moore/Getty Images

As the Oscars kicked off in Hollywood on Sunday night, a man in nearby Costa Mesa, California took home the "Heartless Monster" award for using counterfeit money to buy $25 worth of Girl Scout cookies.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the unidentified suspect used a fake $100 bill to purchase the coveted cookies from a troop hawking their wares outside a grocery store; the man presented the bill and received his five boxes of cookies along with $75 in change, a Costa Mesa police sergeant told the Times. The troop didn't realize the bill was fake (because who trains fifth graders how to spot a counterfeit?), but a parent later made the realization and called the police. Authorities were unable to provide a description of the suspect, the OC Register reported.

All was not lost that night for the Girl Scouts though: During the Academy Awards ceremony, host Chris Rock convinced the all-star audience to pony up some dough for Girl Scout cookies from his daughter's troop. Unfortunately it wasn't quite the $65,423 that Rock claimed on the air, but $2,500 in cookie sales is still nothing to sneeze at.

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