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Protein-Packed Beer Is the Fantasy Beverage of Gym Bros Everywhere

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Do you even lift?

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Barbell Brew
Barbell Brew

A UK-based online supplement shop has pioneered a protein-packed beer that can appeal to the gym bro who's looking to stay fit but also get his party on. The shop,, spent three months perfecting a "Barbell Brew" that contains as much protein as a cut of sirloin steak, according to the Daily Star.

Barbell Brew contains 21.8 grams of protein, which is 95 percent more than your average beer; it's also got 33 percent fewer calories and 85 percent fewer carbs, according to the product page. It's gluten free, too, but it'll still get you sloshed as it has a 3.6 percent ABV.

According to its manufacturers, Barbell Brew also doesn't taste like your average chalky protein shake: The makers say it has a "tantilisingly light golden colour" (they're British, remember?) with "notes of tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose." Priced at £13 per six-pack, that's £2.17, or just over $3 a serving. But only time will tell if Barbell Brew will become the unofficial pre-workout beverage of heavy-lifting dudebros everywhere.

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