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What Is the Gordon Ramsay Effect?; Rainbow Doughnuts Are Here

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Five things to know right now


Happy (Super) Tuesday. In non-political news, remember those rainbow bagels? Now there's a place making rainbow doughnuts; Taco Bell's newest menu item involves Cheetos; explaining the Gordon Ramsay effect; comparing prices at Trader Joe's to Whole Foods 365; and finally, watch how San Francisco's Tartine Bakery makes its famous morning buns, pictured above.

— First, here's a message from Alton Brown:

— Rainbow bagels may be down and out but rainbow doughnuts have risen in their place. Eater NY reports that Moe's Doughs, the shop that invented the concoction, sold out on its first day.

— Taco Bell has unleashed a new menu item upon the unsuspecting masses of Canada: The Cheetos Crunch Wrap Slider is filled with your choice of meat ("Beefy Cheddar," "Spicy Chicken," or "Supreme" which is ground beef, warm nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, and tomatoes) folded in with actual Cheetos. What's baffling is that it's called a slider, since that's what most people in the Northern hemisphere call a mini-burger. Shrug.

— Last month Eater's EIC Amanda Kludt proposed that more women aren't found at the top of the restaurant industry — either as head chefs or master sommeliers or general managers — because of this country's terrible track record on maternity leave. In the UK, a new study suggests the lack of women in professional kitchens can be attributed to what it calls the "Gordon Ramsay effect," or a kitchen culture rooted in a crass and crazy atmosphere and general machismo.

— Whole Foods plans to open a location of its new, lower-priced, 365 store concept sometime this year. Though item prices have not yet been released, Business Insider did a price comparison on Whole Foods 365 products sold at (regular) Whole Foods stores and Trader Joe's, long known for its reasonable prices. TL;DR: Trader Joe's is still cheaper, but not by much.

— Finally, here's how they make the morning buns at San Francisco's Tartine Bakery:

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