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The Dude Abides This New Big Lebowski-Themed Restaurant in Iowa

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The restaurant doesn't appear to be near the In-N-Out Burger or a Ralph's.

Flickr/Chris Lexow

The tiny town of Robins, Iowa, is now a destination for fans beloved Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski. Genius restaurateurs Shawn and Nola Bodensteiner have opened Lebowski's Bar & Grill, reports the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, paying tribute to the seminal film. With their new attraction, the Bodensteiners no doubt draw a lot of water in their town.

As expected, the restaurant is decorated with images of Walter SobchakThe Dude himself, and a rug that really ties the room together. Shawn Bodensteiner tells the Pioneer Press the restaurant will serve "classic pub-style food with a twist and some additions. A lot of the menu are quirky burgers I've made before." There's no official word, but surely the bar offers white Russians and an extensive selection of oat sodas.

Lebowski's Bar & Grill is the only restaurant with in the Robins city limits, which means 100 percent of the town's eateries are Lebowski-related. That's a nice claim to fame.

Celebrating pop culture in the form of bars and restaurants has become a popular global trend. In Australia, there's a new watering hole dedicated to Seinfeld's George Costanza, and a hip, Harry Potter-themed bar is serving in Toronto. And those don't even begin to touch the countless Hello Kitty-inspired establishments popping up across Asia.