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Domino's Unleashes Fish Stick Pizza on the Innocent Masses in China

The world will never be the same.


Today in frightening pizza news, this week Domino's Pizza announced a new novelty pizza offering: A pepperoni and red sauced pie covered in fish-shaped fish fritters, otherwise known as fish sticks. According to Brand Eating, the pizza is only available in China and was released in honor of the Lunar New Year, which was yesterday. It is a seasonal offering and only available for a limited time.

Brand Eating notes that the circle of fish-shaped breadsticks that cover the surface of the otherwise normal pizza "look a bit like fish surfacing when you throw some food into a well-stocked pond." Anyone with a vivid imagination can see this; everyone else will see the thing for what it is: A pizza topped with fish sticks, pepperoni, green bell peppers, corn, lardons (bacon), and cherry tomatoes. Fish, as well as the colors red and black, are symbols of wealth and success in many parts of the Eastern world. Pepperoni and bacon symbolize gluttony and flavor for much of the rest of the world.

It's an interesting promotional play from Domino's. While Pizza Hut has cornered the market on novelty pizza crusts, Domino's is going for the symbolic and just plain weird in pizza toppings.